Friday, 14 October 2016

Weekend supermoon coming

I woke at dawn to see a sky filled with spectacular coloured clouds. Later in the morning it rained again, though not for long - just what's needed for the water to be absorbed by the soil and not to run off and cause chaos. I had several CBS office tasks to work on, as well as blog updating, and these occupied the day until late afternoon, when I went out shopping. 

After parking the car on return, the eight litre bottle of water I'd bought keeled over when I put it on the ground next to the car and was punctured by a small stone. It then started spouting water under pressure from the small volume of air or gas that's added to the bottle to keep it rigid. When I laid the bottle on its side to prevent it leaking any more, the air or gas hissed out. I then had to carry it in carefully and decant the contents into another eight litre bottle and an additional smaller bottle. How strange, that's never happened to me before.

Later, I walked for an hour along the beach road as it was getting dark. The moon rose early. It's now almost full, and shone brightly on the sea, a glorious sight. This weekend will be a supermoon full moon, when it's closest to the earth, known as a 'Hunter's Moon'. I must make sure I use this rare opportunity to get out as soon as it gets dark to photograph this full moon rising over the horizon out at sea.

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