Thursday, 3 November 2016

Surprise supper

A quiet morning spent reading responses to the news about the Law Lords' conclusion that Parliament has to be consulted, not informed about Brexit proposals. The more the decision to leave the EU and its ensuing consequences come under scrutiny, the more likely it is that those who voted in favour of it may realise they were duped by lies and un-deliverable promises, and start demanding a way out. Already, before any strategic plan for withdrawal negotiations has been formulated, let alone debated or agreed upon, discussion on limiting the impact damage from Brexit is being aired. You could say that an early attitude of bullishness among our leaders is turning into sheepishness.

I walked to the Mercadona to buy some chicken to cook for lunch, for a change. Afterwards I chatted with Rachel and Jasmine over in Phoenix using Viber, and then with Clare in Cardiff. I was glad to learn that she's now been given a firm January date for the operation on her other eye. It's good to have something to plan everything else around. She's expecting a weekend visit from Ann tomorrow, when it will be a year to the day since Eddie was laid to rest. How quickly that year has sped by. Living at opposite ends of the country, we didn't see a great deal of each other except for family gatherings and holiday visits, but an abiding sense of his quiet, untroubled, thoughtful, assuring presence makes it hard to absorb the fact that he's no longer with us.

Just as I was thinking about having supper I had a phone call from Pam and Alwyn inviting me to join them for supper in a restaurant with Archdeacon Geoff and his wife Carol, who'd spent the afternoon with them on their week long whistle stop pastoral tour of Costa Chaplaincy visits. Such a welcome surprise! It's a couple of years since I last saw Geoff of Carol in the course of looking after Nerja on locum duty. Though Geoff and I skype each other and exchange emails from time to time, there's nothing as good as catching up face to face. And great to see them both looking so well. The Derbyshire country air is doing them good.

We went to the Bella Vista restaurant, one of Mojácar's most recommended eateries. The food was very good and the price for a very varied set menu most reasonable. I had sopa de mariscos and sardinas. The waitress laughed as she corrected me saying sopa de marineros - literally - seaman soup, instead of fish soup, but nevertheless expressed appreciation for my effort at ordering in Spanish. How kind! It was a lovely convivial evening, with friends old and new.

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