Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tracking myself

Yesterday was cold and slipped by unremarkably. It was sunset before I ventured out for some exercise so instead of my usual routine walk, I circumnavigated Thompson's Park - literally - it shuts at half past three at this time of year, so I walked right around the periphery instead, a distance of just over half a kilometre, according to the Google Fit app which I installed on my phone for curiosity. I'm not really sure how accurate it really is, now how it's possible to check this, nor have a read any reviews yet, but it's interesting to see what it does record, nevertheless.

There were ten of us at St German's for Mass I celebrated this morning, after a brief chat with people in the day centre, I headed for home to await a call to collect Clare from the dentist's. A visit was needed after the crow capping one of her molars came out during a meal on Boxing day. Alas, it was too late to save the tooth, as part of it detached with the crown itself, so she needed an extraction. She's going to be vulnerable to infection for the next few days. This is especially bad news as her next eye operation is due next Tuesday, so she'll need to be scrupulously careful with her wounded gum until then.

Today was somewhat warmer, so I went earlier for my afternoon walk on the course I've set myself, using Google Fit. I was disappointed to find that the distance logged was less then my guesstimate, although it did seem to log time elapsed and steps walked correctly. I'm not up to the recommended basic of 10,000 steps a day yet, but as my knee improves, so will the target be easier to reach.

I was delighted to receive several photographs taken at our Golden Wedding celebration last August from our old friend Richard Johnson. It was good to see the occasion through the eyes of another person and recall what a wonderful meeting of family and friends we had that day.

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