Sunday, 2 January 2011

An unusual Sunday stroll

The temperature stayed down below minus fifteen for most of New Year's Day, so we didn't venture out to perambulate the golf course until mid afternoon, and that was about all we did, apart from a few phone calls to greet people. Today, being Sunday, we made the effort despite similar temperatures, and made it into Invermere to attend the Parish Eucharist service at Christchurch Trinity, the main church in the Windermere Valley Shared Ministry pastorate. About forty people attended a relaxed celebration, the first of the New Year, with the same priest who'd ministered at St Peter's Windermere, Christmas Eve.

People were friendly and welcoming enough, but seemed more interested in their relationships with each other, no doubt influenced by having to start the year with their Curate elevated to the responsibility of being Interim Pastor. The outgoing Pastor was Presbyterian, the next one will be Episcopalian, as is the Curate, so there will no doubt be adjustments as the congregation think together about the 'refreshment' of their mission and ministry (as the website describes preparations to be made to enable a new appointment to take place). We didn't need to socialise on this occasion anyway, as we had planned to go out on the Windermere Whiteway together - Clare on snowshoes, Rachel on her new ice skates, and me on cross country skis = following a quick trip to Sobeys and Pharmasave for supplies.

We drove back down the main road and turned off to Windermere Beach, for our point of departure. We went south along the lakeside, off shore, joining other skiers, dog walkers, even a cyclist making the most of the bright sun and clear skies, although the temperature remained at minus twelve,  and it felt even colder when you turned your back to the sun. We really had to keep moving not to get chilled. Thankfully there was no wind to make it any colder. 

Someone in a large SUV drove across the ice, though not on the prepared path, and its progress was marked by the eerie sound of cracks and shudders, as the ice flexed under its weight. Enough to make one nervous! We promenaded as far as Indian Beach before turning around, and so covered the best part of three miles before continuing home for a bowl of soup. Rachel and Clare then went off to the Fire Hall for a couple of hours of routine maintenance duties, before supper.

I guess that's the nearest I'll ever get to walking on water.

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