Friday, 7 January 2011

Walk over water

Yesterday I was exceedingly tired as a result of my uphill trek the day before. Nevertheless Clare and I went out for a circuit of the fairway in the morning, which left me even tireder. We went to bed at nine, and I slept nearly twelve hours.

Today we'd planned to go and ski at Panorama. However, cloud cover and temperatures above zero for the first time since our arrival took away all of the allure of skiing on powder under a clear blue sky at ten thousand feet with mountains mostly below us. So, after lunch, we went up to Invermere for some shopping and an excursion to the village of Wilmer nearby, and on to Lake Enid, a place where Rachel and Jasmine camped in the wilds last summer.

This time the lake was frozen over and together with the surrounding forest covered in a foot of fairly fresh snow. The temperature there was just on zero, so it wasn't too damp to walk in the snow through the woods, following deer trails. On the way back to the car we walked across the length of the frozen lack. Clare and Rachel, assisted by Jasmine, in time honoured family  fashion built a snowman, well actually, it turned into a snow-gnome, even nicer, in the middle of the lake. The conditions were perfect and they were proud of their achievement. Photos of Lake Enid start here

We drove back to Invermere to get the shopping done, and then went home for a supper of pork and fish and cheese roasted Swiss style on a raclette grill. And the temperature hasn't yet returned below freezing here in Fairmont.

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