Thursday, 26 April 2012

Life together

I had to rise early this morning to go to College and celebrate the Eucharist. It left me feeling tired for much of the day. In part this was because yesterday, we drove to Monmouth in the pouring rain, to meet our friends Mike and Gail. Although the journey there is less than an hour, I find concentrating on the road in the rain is more demanding than prefer. A speeding ticket arrived in the post today - caught on camera - a souvenir of my rushed early Sunday morning journey between Barry and Llanbleddian. Serves me right for putting myself under too much pressure in the name of helping out and making myself useful. I'm glad I don't have much distance driving to do these days.

We had a pleasant lunch in a small restaurant Clare and I had visited before on a bus outing with St John's congregation. It was strange - I remembered the location of the restaurant but Clare didn't. She recalled the occasion of our last visit which I couldn't. Afterwards, we spent a couple of hours dodging showers, wandering the streets, and visiting the town's two ancient churches, ending up chatting in a coffee shop before parting company. 

Clare came home hatching a plan to order a custom made mirror from a small shop she found. Part of this morning was spent debating the right size to look right on the peculiarly shaped dining room wall begging for a mirror. Then we did some more editing out errors on the translation publication Clare is preparing on the influence of mobile technology device usage by adults in the presence of babies. Working together is something we do rarely, apart from domestic tasks. We each have different strengths, and this is an advantage in achieving things neither of us would do as well on our own - like so many aspects of of life together.

After supper, I drove Clare and a friend to her study group meeting in Dinas Powis, as I usually do, and then too the opportunity to do a bereavement visit on my way to the first Tai Chi class of the new term. Yet again I have to officiate at two funerals in the coming week.

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