Saturday, 14 April 2012

Personal technology breakthrough

After Mike left this morning, I went into town with a few errands to accomplish, and ended up buying my very first Smartphone. I've been dithering about doing this for ages. My Sony Walkman phone has not been quite the quality experience that I'd expected it to be, but I have used it for two years and put up with a certain level of irritation about its user friendliness. Recently the sound has become cracked and tinny, adding to the irritation, so the question was, should I just get another basic phone with limited but useful functions, or make the effort to learn how to use something new and  much more capable?

In the end I plumped for a Samsung Galaxy Mini, at a fifty percent discount using my Orange PAYG phone fund. Getting started with it, as a complete ignoramus was a lot less onerous than I expected, though I suspect I shall never exploit the full range of its features. Most importantly, it's easy to handle even if I still need specs on to read messages clearly. I guess occasionally it may be useful to to access emails, display e-tickets etc,  but I'm not sure how much web surfing I'll be tempted to do on such a small screen, even with a free allowance of 250MB a month for a year. Give me the luxury of a fifteen or twenty inch screen any time!

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