Friday, 26 February 2016

Match night

This morning, having driven Clare to Llandough for an appointment with her shoulder specialist, I went to St German's to attend the Cardiff Central MP 'surgery' being held in St German's church hall. Here I met and talked with her senior care worker Carl Cuss about Hamid's appeal rejection, in the hope that it might be possible to get some answers to unresolved issues arising from the tribunal and judgement against him. He expressed the view that some points raised in my briefing to Jo Stevens MP could be enquired about, so I returned home somewhat encouraged.

After lunch, I spent a few hours in the CBS office before returning home, as crowds were gathering for the evening's Wales v France Rugby international match. The bus stops in Westgate Street outside the stadium, now re-badged as the Principality (building society sponsored) Stadium, had just closed for the duration of the match. I arrived at the Cowbridge Road stop just missing a couple of different buses, and walked home briskly as it was too cold to stand around for long.

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