Friday, 5 February 2016

Site Progress

I enjoyed a quiet morning at home. An email from Julie about some documents I couldn't locate didn't even mention the new PC she's working on. No news is good news. When I arrived in the office early afternoon, there were a few issues, however. Some file handling defaults needed changing. The .docx plug-in for Word, and Javascript for Libre Office Base had to be downloaded and installed to resume the status quo. 

Writing here about the complexities of setting up the key machine in the office system on which our administration depends gives me the basis of a proper check list to consult, if ever I have to repeat this again. Because our organisation has evolved, we've never had to make a batch purchase and installation of equipment. Everything is piecemeal, and used on the basis that as long as the user has confidence in it and it isn't broken, it stays in use. Like our seven year old Dell lazer printer.

Last night after I left, Ashley had quietly worked at sliding file cabinets around, setting up a table as the basis of a workspace for Ian, and moving several to create an enclosure for his workspace. There's now only a heavy cupboard and another cabinet to shift, and the new office area is complete. Monday, I'll have my hot-desking area back again.

Once the troubleshooting was done, I decided to quit the office while it was still light and walk over to Central Square to take some photos of the construction site from by usual vantage points. In the past 19 days since my last inspection, there's been lots of progress, despite all the rain. Portakabin units for site workers and managers have now all moved to the south east corner of the site, nearest the train station, and are two storeys high. The pile drilling machine has almost completed its tour of the new building perimeter, leaving a trail of steel rods protruding from a long trench of concrete, and excavators are now at work on sub-soil removal, presumably to create a basement. Interesting times.

After supper we settled down together to watch the Pixar cartoon movie called 'Up', and much enjoyed it. More of an elderly adult show than a family movie, with so many oldies jokes and references which make sense when you're past retirement and getting decrepit. I must say, however, that I do resonate with the dream of having adventures in old age, as often as possible. But there's nothing new about that in my life.

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