Tuesday, 29 March 2016

True fiction or fictional truth?

Sad to see the offspring depart at lunchtime today for a visit to Bristol to see Amanda and James, and then the journey home. The weather wasn't up to much, so I indulged in some more binge watching of TV series on iPlayer, started a couple of nights ago, when I was too wound up to go straight to sleep. This time, 'Line of Duty', another acclaimed cop drama series I've never heard of because I don't take any notice of media hype, but as the whole of Series 2 was available to watch, I thought I'd give it a try and found it compelling if tough watching. 

Everyone with a role in the action seems to be lying and deceiving about something, or has a history of having done so. Even the ostensible 'goodies' seem to have a darker side to them. The series portrays a Professional Standards team's anti-corruption investigations, and paints a bleak picture, inviting the audience to believe there is moral chaos at the heart of UK law enforcement behind the facade of due diligence and political correctness. Understandably, the Police didn't play any part in the creation of this series, although anyonmous bloggers and retired officers are said to have done so. 

Whether fact or fiction, or a mixture of both, it makes for uncomfortable watching, and makes me wonder how far this kind of drama does paint an authentic picture of life in post-Christian Britain.

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