Saturday, 19 March 2016

Unexpected call of duty

A special Saturday morning treat today, a three hour TaiChi / ChiGung workshop in Penarth's Albert Road Methodist church hall, where I used to attend regular Thursday evening classes. The best thing of all was that Clare came to join me, first time ever. There were two dozen of us present, from all the different classes Christie runs so it was good to meet with some people I haven't seen for a year or so. Despite initial apprehension, Clare enjoyed the experience, so I'm hoping it won't be for the last time.

We had lunch afterwards in a Windsor Road arcade restaurant we hadn't visited before, with quite a diverse menu, and on our way home, we visited several home and garden stores to consider furniture for our recently paved back yard area, but found nothing suitable.

Later I had a call from our Area Dean Bob Capper asking if I could help out with some extra services, as Fr David Morris, priest in charge of Grangetown, has to take leave due to a sudden bereavement. It is further complicated by the fact that he has been managing the interregnum at St Mary's Butetown. So, I have taken on three additional funerals in the next ten days or so. As the first two are Monday and Tuesday, I will have to fit in home visits to make myself known and explain why I've come. It's nothing that I can't manage, even if this is the busiest time of year. I can console myself that I'm not having to prepare for annual meetings and reports or PCC elections, and just concentrate on caring for grieving people, against the backdrop of Holy Week services.

A new Danish crime drama began tonight on BBC Four, called 'Follow the Money', and although it begins with a detective investigating an accidental death on a wind-farm, it soon turns into a far bigger story about exploitation of migrant labour, corporate fraud and corruption in public life. It's promising to be another attention grabber.

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