Friday, 5 August 2016

Home gathering

Yesterday, Rachel drove to Thatcham Berkshire, to collect Jasmine from her other grandparents' home, and not long after I got back from the office, they arrived. It's amazing to see how much Jasmine has grown nine months. She'll be ten in November. She's learned how to crochet in school, and has already developed an eye for making things without needing a pattern. Within an hour of acquiring some wool from Clare, she'd crocheted an angel.

Today there were lots of preparations to make for our Golden Wedding anniversary party tomorrow, buying wine, flowers etc. Kath, Anto and Rhiannon arrived early evening, and we sat down together to a pasta supper which I'd cooked, out in the garden. Clare had borrowed a tent, and with Jasmine's help erected it on the lawn, to give our grand daughters their own special adventure place to sleep while the house was occupied by grown-ups. We talked, ate, drank too much, and later even made a little music. Things we always do when we gather. Owain joins us tomorrow.

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