Thursday, 29 June 2017

St Peter's day, nearly

As well as preparing my Sunday sermon today, I found myself continuing to think about ministry and mission amongst expatriates, both its diversity and the common elements. This led me to start writing a paper for study and discussion, and that took up most of the day. I don't know who I can try it out on at the moment, but I enjoyed escaping the mental lethargy which extreme heat often produces. Today there were gusts of hot wind as well as high temperatures and bright sun. I walked for an hour or so, and for once returned feeling slightly singed - this is the opposite of wind chill factor!

My afternoon walk took me to the barrio of Perchel Norte just across the rio Guadalmedina, described as part of the old town, but mostly ravaged by 20th century urban redevelopment. It's still going on as a new metro line is created, with bridges and roads being re-arranged to improve traffic flow around the Old Town. Only old churches and Cofradia houses, of which there are several, are left as reminders of past history. One of them is dedicated to San Pedro, so I walked there in hopes of finding it open to look around on this his feast day, but it didn't re-open for another hour. It wasn't the kind of environment in which waiting for an hour would be a congenial experience, so I headed back to the apartment and out of the heat. The location resembled a bare deserted noisy traffic island at this stage of an urban makeover process which could last years. It'll look different when the work is finished and lots of greenery introduced once more.

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