Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Eye test

Back to St German's again for their midweek Mass this morning, and then a visit to the School of Optometry for my first ever eye test. Free now I'm seventy. I never needed one before as I've been blessed with good eyesight, although I have noticed some minor changes apart from needing reading glasses in recent years, so with some petering from Clare, an appointment was made following hers.

When I arrived I learned that the optometrist was running nearly half an hour late, and this momentarily put the undertaking into some doubt, as I needed to be home in time to be collected to go and officiate at this week's funeral in Thornhill crematorium. Clare and I swapped places, however, and I was though and driving home through slow traffic, and arrived just before my chauffeur turned up.

The eye test was an unfamiliar but interesting experience, and there'll be a further field of vision test to come in the new year. As I needed to drive home and take a funeral, there risk of dilating my pupils for the inspection was not one that could be taken today. Next time I'll walk there. My eyes are, fortunately in pretty reasonable condition for my age, no sign of cataract formation so far, and just some disparity between the ability of my eyes to focus at a distance, something I've noticed in the past year or so. I came away with an order in place for a pair of 'driving glasses', that will be of particular help to keep the eyes sharp and in focus for night driving. Better safe than sorry.

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