Tuesday, 15 December 2015

First ever prescription spectacles

This morning, Clare and I returned to the School of Optometry to collect pairs of spec's ready for use. In addition, I had my first ever 'field of vision' test, which came as something of a surprise, reminding me in turn of trying to play a computer game, as you have to press a button when you glimpse a moving dot of light, also driving at night and keeping alert to distant lights from cars and reflectors on the road ahead. I'm impressed by how friendly and helpful the staff are, and ready to answer a curious man's questions. They really seem to enjoy the work they do.

I was pleased to find out the test showed my field of vision is as good as it gets. Then I drove home using the new spec's. They'll come into their own in the dark, but immediately I noticed looking into the wing mirror to check behind me was less of a strain, and there's a fresh sharpness all round, so I anticipate that driving will seem less of an effort, as I get used to wearing them.

After lunch I walked over to Tesco's and Staples to get a small present for Owain, then walked back in the dark, but the spec's were in the car, and couldn't be tested. I can see quite well in the dark but know I don't see quite so sharply, but it doesn't matter, on foot. The waxing moon was visible through broken cloud as I walked along the avenue of trees that runs the length of Llandaff Fields. One small rewarding moment of enchantment to rejoice in.

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