Friday, 27 May 2016

Catching up time

After spending Wednesday morning slowly waking up and adjusting to being back home, getting the week's food shopping done, I retrieved the car from the Vicarage front yard, where it was lodged while were away to make space in the ever crowded street, then took Ashley our radio suppliers in Chepstow. In the evening I started editing and uploading photos from the first day of our cruise. There's a link to them here.

Thursday morning, I joined the congregation at St John's Canton for the Corpus Christi Eucharist, before going into work, and starting the job of sorting out radio handset equipment returned to CBS after the great frequency switchover two weeks ago. It's a matter of sorting and boxing for storage six different components from ten dozen sets, already at end of their expected life before the changeover. Accessories can be recycled but not the radios themselves, unless someone needs dummy handsets to  use in a film production. It'll take a while before the office is rid of boxes and tidy again. Then we did made another trip to Chepstow to finish what we'd started yesterday. Once again in the evening, more editing and uploading the photos of the second day of our cruise. You'll find Day 2 here.

Today, more time spent in the office, continuing the slow tasking of dismantling kit, disentangling cables of various sorts collected in haste and simply needing patience to sort out. It's a humdrum sort of task, but a calming one which I welcome after so much fresh input and stimulus recently. 

No photo work tonight, as Clare had tickets for a concert at the new Welsh Language Centre in the Old Library, the building where CBS was based last year. Veteran singer song writers Heather Jones and Meic Stefens were performing their own music and singing some songs together, as they had originally done forty years ago in the group 'Bara Menin'. 

Both are in their seventies now, voices as strong as ever, and still full of passion and enthusiasm for their bardic role, as leaders of Welsh language popular song, it's a better way to describe them than 'iconic'. There were well over a hundred people there, of all generations, singing along affectionately with familiar ballads. Sadly I know none of the lyrics and just a few of the tunes, but I greatly appreciated their musicianship.

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