Saturday, 14 May 2016

Cruise kit

I decided to break in the new sandals by going to Penarth today, I walked to the Leckwith retail area to get a bus, and ended up running the last 100 yards, as a suitable bus was queued behind cars at the Sloper road traffic lights. I got a few bemused looks from passengers, and an oversized passenger my age commented with amazement about how fit I was. I run with apprehension that I will become breathless, or my legs turn to lead, or I trip over on these little sprints, and am relieved to get away with it. Not what I'd call fit. Although there were times past when I was overweight that I couldn't have done that. Losing  a couple of stone has been very good for me, losing another stone is proving to be much harder. If I did there'd be no excuse for not returning to jogging.

I had a panini and a cuppa for lunch on the pier, took some photos, and as the tide was in, walked back to Cardiff Bay over Penarth Head and across the barrage, busy with crowds of people taking the air, enjoying the sunshine. I'd taken a top coat as it was cold when I left, but mid afternoon I had to carry it looped over the shoulder strap of my camera bag, it was so warm. A number six Bay Car bus arrived just as I reached the Dr Who Experience centre, so I took it into the city centre, and went shopping for a new camera - another camera, yes another camera. 

I want something to take on the cruise with me that is as range capable as my DSLR with telephoto lens, but lighter and handier in use. I've had my eye on a Sony HX400 since it first came out last year, as it has a 50x zoom lens, more reach than my much used HX50 with only 30x zoom. Being on a river boat for eight days, I am anticipating there'll be as many interesting if slightly remote details I'd like to record as well as magnificent big vistas, especially wildlife. Anyway, there were no HX400s in stock, but there was a refurbished HX300 at £189 - quite a bargain! And I think it will be a lot easy to control for those long zoom shots without need for monopod or tripod support, to my mind, these are unnecessary clutter when travelling. So often, interesting things glimpsed need quick responses and sharp shooting, and a lighter camera with a real viewfinder too, should make a little difference on the journey.

Owain came over for supper and an evening of chat over a bottle of Nuit St Georges Village he'd acquired from Lidl's, a really refined Bourgogne Pinot Noir, a favourite favourite of ours since our Geneva years, until the Genevois Pinot Noir began to be produced with much improved quality and lost its rough edges. I wonder what the Genevois equivalent to Gemischter Satz might be?

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