Monday, 16 May 2016

Getting going

Owain and I had breakfast together Sunday morning before he left for Bristol. Then I went to celebrate Mass at St German's. We heard that the interregnum is to start officially on 8th July when Fr Dean will be licensed for ministry at St Mary's. Then the search for a new priest will begin in earnest. I just hope and pray it won't take too long. Peter and Hilary were just back from a cruise through the Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean, with stories to tell of their long journey. And there was me wondering how I'd cope with a week on the Danube! 

I returned, cooked lunch, and spent the afternoon editing, sorting, uploading photos and writing before Clare arrived home from Kenilworth. Anything to avoid last minute packing. The most of Monday was taken up with preparation and packing for the cruise including a haircut. I didn't go into the office or tackle anything last minute to do with work. I just wanted to concentrate on getting completely out of the routine preoccupations that structure my life in order focus being really ready for a new travel experience. It's nto so easy to do things outside my comfort zone these days, another sign of ageing.

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