Thursday, 28 July 2016

Getting ready to go

The Chaplaincy treasurer John came by yesterday morning to settle up with me, as I'm bound for home, Monday. Rachel and Clare have already placed their orders for Mercadona own brand 85% chocolate, so I must remember to call in and buy some over the weekend, and go to the station and book my ticket on the fast train to Barcelona, which gets me in with plenty of time to spare before check-in starts.

When I started to consider packing, I realised that I've not used half the clothes I brought with me. It's so easy in this hot weather to hand wash clothes from day to day, since they dry so quickly, and only occasionally run a full load in the washing machine. I need to look more critically at what I pack for my autumn trip, aware as I am from previous assignments of how warm and dry it stays until the end of October if not later.

This afternoon, a shopping trip to Lidl, to stock up with enough food to cover the weekend and leave a selection of essentials for the locum who'll succeed me. I appreciated arriving here a month ago to find there was enough in the fridge to tide me over a couple of meals. As I learned when I was a teenager in the Boy Scouts nearly sixty years ago 'Leave the campsite they way you expect to find it.' A Chaplain's residence is  far superior to a campsite, but for locums who come and go, the same rules should apply.

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