Tuesday, 12 July 2016

More politicking

Another day of news watching today, with attention on the Labour party executive and the conduct of the leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn. Had he been excluded in any way from the process, the act would have done the Labour party to death. Interesting too, the speculation about who will be recruited by Teresa May to form a cabinet, an to discover both May and Germany's Angela Merkel are clergy daughters. It counts for more in Merkel's case, when you consider her father served the church in communist East Germany, an uncompromisingly costly and difficult place to maintain any kind of Christian witness. I wonder what sort of CofE parishes May's father served in? I imagine the Church Times will give us a profile before too long.

This afternoon, again being cooler and cloudy, gave me an opportunity to walk again along the Costa Norte path, and this time go all the way to the riu Senia, through the richly bio-diverse Sol de riu conservation area. That's the furthest I've walked since I've been here, 8-9km, and I was just starting to drag my feet with tiredness on the final stretch from the Spar mini-market, struggling to get back in time for the Archers on-line. However, the internet is so erratic here, that I had to resort to accessing the SkyTV box radio channel, which always works, thankfully, although you can't quite wander around, doing the washing and cooking the way you can if you're streaming from a broadcast on a mobile device.

Later I watched an interesting, as well as amusing early episode of 'New Tricks', on the Drama Channel, which I'd not seen before, all about the diamond trade and an unsolved crime. Well crafted with superb character acting. No wonder the series has been so popular for so long.

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