Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Walls as media

Yesterday was hot enough to discourage me from venturing out until it began to cool late in the afternoon. I walked to the port, and out along its rather empty southern boundary, earmarked for fishing industry development, but currently housing a modest boatyard, and a vast vehicle parking area next to the harbour wall, occupied by just a handful of leisure fishermen. I noticed a couple of bus and HGV driver training vehicles parked there, but few commercial vehicles. I wonder if there are times when it fills with commercial traffic for any reason.

Walking back through the town, I noticed some interesting and well crafted graffiti amongst the run of the mill tags, and adolescent declarations of love. I was also amused to see a political rallying call against EU's TTIP legislation, which is causing widespread concern internationally, because of its potential to undermine workers' rights. This was written in Valenciano or Catalan. Not sure which, so close to the border. 
As I was taking this photo, a young man stopped and asked me keenly if I knew what it was all about. I assured him that I did, and then we got into conversation, which give me a good five minutes of live Spanish practice, before we parted company.

In one of the main shopping streets there are two quite large toy shops next to each other. On the wall between them is an ingenious example of slick commercial advertising in graffiti style. I though this too was worth a photo.

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