Sunday, 23 April 2017

Leisurely Spring Sunday

I could have done with more sleep, being tired after yesterday's walk, and it seemed to take me ages to wake up fully. Thankfully I didn't have an early service today, just the St German's Parish Mass at eleven. Afterwards, Area Dean Fr Stewart Lisk to chair the Parish Easter Vestry meeting. There was no requirement for me to stay on for this, so I returned home, earlier than usual for lunch. Angela was there in her role as Parish administrator, just three weeks after returning from hospital with a repaired shoulder strapped up, completely organised and ready to play her part in the meeting. 

She told me beforehand that she was now getting on well enough to dismiss the twice daily carer assigned to help her to wash and dress. She recounted how the carer expressed concern to Marisa, Angela's daughter, as she thought Angela was 'confused'. The carer insisted she'd been there for her since January well before the accident, whereas in reality she'd been visiting for two weeks. That illustrates, I guess, how much pressure people are under in the caring profession. Angela is a sharp and organised as ever, and hasn't lost her sense of humour either.

As it was sunny and warm, we were able to eat out in the back garden, which is looking lovely at the moment. Our apple tree has lots of blossom on it this year, and so far no rain or cold wind to dislodge it, like last year. Then, overcome by tiredness, the rest of the day was devoted to somnolent inactivity rather than strolling in the park, until it was time for the penultimate episode of 'Line of Duty'. This continues to be a compelling watch as the determination of the unpopular police anti-corruption team, is pitted against continued resistance to the exposure of a web of lies, falsified evidence, snooping and office intrigue. It's superb British police drama, but does tend to make you wonder how far art reflects life.

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