Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New moves

I slept well, and inevitably ached a little after seven hours sitting on a coach, and my surprise jog from train to bus station yesterday. After lunch, I took Clare to her opthalmology appointment at the Heath hospital, then walked around Pontcanna Fields to exercise stiff legs for an hour, before cooking supper early, so I could eat before Tai Chi class. During the walk, I collected twenty pieces of litter, which made up for yesterday, when I only picked up three piece on my way to and from the coach station.

We worked on some familiar moves during the session, as part of learning a twenty four step sequence of Tai Chi form, an abridged version of the Short Form. The class has been working on this for a few months. Even though I knew most of the individual moves, the differences in order made it quite challenging trying to observe and follow. Learning this will help keep my wits sharp, for sure.

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