Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Meditating the Emmaus journey

This morning I went to St German's to celebrate the midweek Mass. No school children with us today, so it was in the Lady Chapel, quiet and reflective. After a quick cup of coffee and a chat about funeral arrangements for next week - I have two at St German's, one Wednesday and another Friday - I returned home to collect Clare and Diana to drive to Ruth's place in Tonyrefail for the Ignatian meditation group. Co-incidentally, the scriptural passage we used was the Road to Emmaus resurrection story, which was the Gospel for the day I'd read and reflected upon earlier. It was good to spend further time pondering over it. 

My imagination was attracted to constructing the conversation between Jesus and the travellers, how he'd have started from what they told him about events in Jerusalem, but brought them naturally around to seeing how what happened could be understood from scriptures they were familiar with by weaving it into the conversation as he listened to them pour out their puzzled hearts. It was rewarding, along with table talk with friends over lunch.

We drove back, I had a snooze for a while, then walked to the bank to deposit a cheque, and popped in to Stavros Constantinou's Salon next door for a belated hair-cut before returning home. Before I could do more than answer a few emails, it was time to cook supper. Later we watched the latest 'Benidorm' episode, always good for a doze of knockabout comedy, double entendres and sometimes ribald jokery. This Costa Blanca holiday resort is such a popular venue among Brits. Its portrayal of an all inclusive holiday hotel is affectionately mocking, and does well with its touching happy endings. Truly comedic. Straight after this we caught part 2 of this week's Hinterland, specialising in tragic and dark endings. An odd contrast, just before bed, come to think of it.

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