Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Attention to detail

I returned from Bristol to Cardiff especially for my Chi Gung class on Tuesday evening, and Clare took my place looking after James. I get so much benefit from the hour of exercise coupled with phyisical awareness teaching, that it's an unmissable commitment, as far as I'm concerned. Thankfully, Clare recognises this and supports me. I put an afternoon's office work in beforehand, and walked from City Hall to Talbot Street for the class. 

At this season, Cardiff Business Safe administration is a matter of attempting unresolved problems related to anomalous subscriber accounts. These amount to about a sixth of our total revenue stream, and we can't afford to abandon efforts to get it all right. In additon, I have been working at reconciling invoices and bank statements to produce a spreadsheet that will render the 2009 accounts in a form that won't take our auditors an expensive amount of time to turn into an annual financial statement for Companies House. 

Work of this kind is rather dull, systematic, narrowly logical, in contrast with the visionary, insightful, intuitive way of working I've relied on for most of my adult life. I can't honestly say it's enjoyable, but the contrast in modus operandii is educative. Producing useable accounts is like proof reading a text. Looking for differences and errors in material that looks similar in every respect is an excercise I'll never really get used to such strenuous attention to detail. Nevertheless, it does teach you to notice the world in yet another way.

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