Thursday, 18 November 2010

New kit

Wednesday afternoon, I returned to Bristol by car, exchanging places with Clare, looking after James. Amanda intends to come out of hospital tomorrow to continue at home the work of physical rehabilitation imposed on her by her affliction. The hospital has organised for the delivery of several devices to support her in the kitchen and bathroon at home, to allow her as much independence of movement as is possible.

We were notified that delivery of the devices ordered would occur between ten and two. At eleven thirty a delivery van came and within five minutes of signing for the goods I was 'learning by doing' how to ensure the devices could be used to best effect. 

Raised toilet seats, and night commodes I've come across in times past. New to me, a portable handrail for the loo, adjustable height seats for kitchen and bathroom, a seat over the bath to make it possible to use the shower, and a utility trolley for transporting stuff across the kitchen. 

Learning to make best use of these will be the first adjustment to home life Amanda needs to make. It will give her greater freedom than being dependent upon nursing staff for her every move. In that freedom, I believe, lies the potential for the healing she seeks.

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