Friday, 5 November 2010

Damp Guy Fawks

Clare returned from Bristol yesterday morning for her usual kindergarten session. I did a few hours of office work before returning home for lunch and catch-up, then went over to Bristol to take her place looking after James, and visiting Amanda.

After an early breakfast and seeing James off to catch his school bus at seven thirty five, I switched on the TV news and promptly fell asleep on the sofa for couple of hours. At least when I came round, I was refreshed enough to put in several hours of work on further developments to the Business Safe database, that I've wanted to do for some time, but never found the time or the distraction free environment.

Amanda and James live in a quiet corner of a housing estate, and being away from home there are fewer things to divert my attention. It was raining miserably, thus no prospect of a decent walk, so I settled down to do some redesign and data entry work for several hours before lunch, followed by a hospital visit, cooking a meal for James before another hospital visit and then a trip for us both back to Cardiff.
We got soaked walking to and from the hospital, yet despite the rain there seemed to be a fair number of fireworks punctuating the night sky. It was the same last night, and it will be the same tomorrow night, with a big charity fireworks and bonfire party in Bute Park 'Sparks in the Park'. Hopefully that will compensate for missing a friend's party tonight - there was no choice about getting wet in any case.

Funny, I don't recall bonfire night lasting three days when I was a kid.

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