Friday, 19 November 2010


This morning, James had a lie-in, courtesy of a school INSET day. Then we took a trip around the East Bristol ring road to find the British Red Cross depot at Warmley and pick up a wheel-chair for Amanda to use at home. No sooner had we returned than a text message arrived to say she was ready to be picked up from the hospital, so I left James hoovering around, and went to collect her.

Once home, she was soon getting the measure of using the wheelchair where she needed it to get around, and reviewing the storage arrangements in the kitchen to ensure she could safely access all the things he would need on a day to day basis. I'd set my heart on a long overdue de-frost of the freezer in the fridge, but in the process of liberating great chunks of ice from the cabinet as it thawed, I succeeded in killing it altogether. So, I jumped in the car, drove in the dark through evening rush hour traffic to the vast expanse of the Cribbs Causeway retail park to look for a place open to buy a replacement fridge.

I found the vast Curry's superstore, about the size of a couple of football pitches, packed with every kind of electrical device imaginable, with dozens of fridges for sale, conveniently visibly arranged in one corner. Within minutes I found the model I wanted, and as I was waiting to pay for it, a lad arrived from the warehouse section with the fridge on a trolley. Together we loaded it into the car, and in another twenty minutes I was home again, and unpacking and installing it.  Pretty impressive service. Fortunately, getting a new fridge has been a neglected item on Amanda's 'to do' list for some time, so the afternoon's disaster was more of a blessing than a disaster.

After this unexpected item, I cooked a pasta supper for us all, and then set off for Cardiff, happy to have seen Amanda back home and pleased to be in a place where she could work at her recovery in peace and security.

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