Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day

A little wind today and flurries of snow, though still no huge fresh dump to add to the ski magic. I heard a train across the valley, and when I looked, realised I could just see both ends, so I counted the wagons as they passed out of sight, on their way south and then west laden with coal for export. There were about a hundred and thirty of them. Wikipedia told me that CPR ships 34 million tons of coal a year, mostly to Japan. I guy at the lakeside a few days ago told me that the the lines from northern BC and Alberta had been re-opened four years ago to take coal freight, more presumably the rising price on the global energy market made it worthwhile once more.

After a turkey lunch, we went up the hill and did some rather uphill cross country skiing (having missed the signage for the less arduous route). Coming back down was rather challenging. Rachel did somewhat better than I, although less used to langlauf skis. She's definitely more daring, that's for sure.

Turkey curry for supper tonight.


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