Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day

Our morning was filled with phone calls to families in Britain, present opening and preparations for lunch. The turkey was too big for the oven, so John installed it in his super barbeque  gas grill oven on the terrace outside the door, where it cooked to perfection for a late-ish lunch, accompanied by some very special Californian wines - the sort you have to go hunting for, as really outstanding vintners don't need to market their produce through big distributors, they sell to conoscenti the basis of their reputation.

In between turkey and pudding, Rachel and Clare went out sledging and I skied down the fairway and back to burn off a few calories, make some space for the pud and build up the courage to tackle the washing up - which I figured was the best contribution I could make to the banquet. Some friends dropped in for a drink at tea time, and by that time it was getting dark. Finally we got around to pudding, and then, the days being short and the nights very long, it was time for bed.


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