Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Twice in one day

It snowed for much of today - fine white powdery snow. Thankfully there was no wind to pile it into drifts. I walked the three quarters of a mile down to the nearest internet cafe to upload a large batch of photos and little videos from the past five days, whilst sipping a hot chocolate. You can view them here

After lunch, Jasmine's playmates arrived, but the weather quenched enthusiasm for a proposed sledging expedition. Moreover, firefighter Rachel got called out to attend a vehicle accident caused by ice on the road hidden under fresh snow. It turned out to be one of her colleagues on the Fairmont team whose truck had skidded and gone thirty feet down an embankment. Rachel accompanied her to Invermere hospital for a check up, and it was too late to go out at all by the time she returned. Once it stopped snowing, Clare and I went out for one of our treks around the golf course. The couple of inches of fine powder made for a deluxe skiing experience, like gliding through cotton wool. All was very quiet. There were just a few kids out sledging, though not many. 

Before supper Rachel was showing me the encyclopaedic fire and rescue service training manual which she uses to inform herself with in between training sessions. No sooner had we finished eating, Rachel's radio link to the local emergency control centre declared another RTA (road traffic accident). A vehicle on its side a few kilometres up the road towards Windermere. In a few minutes she was out of the house, and in another ten minutes we heard the sound of the fire rescue truck klaxon as it sped up highway 93/95 on its mission. Nothing happens for several weeks then a change in the weather, and they have two RTAs in eight hours. That's how it goes out here in the upper reaches of the Columbia river valley.

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