Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ski shopping

Being awake before dawn this morning was a real pleasure, as the sky was perfectly clear, and with so much less light pollution, the stars were visible from inside, without needing to go out on to the balcony in sub zero temperatures to view them. From that beginning, the sun shone in a cloudless blue sky right through the day, giving us the best possible views of the surrounding mountains.

After lunch we went to Invermere, to check out ski hire costs, having first dropped Jasmine off at her pre-school Christmas party. I ended up buying a second hand set of cross country ski gear, as this was cheaper than a month's hire by 25%. So now I'll be able to get in some early practice on the golf course fairway behind the house to get fit for more ambitious treks when the local pistes open this weekend. I disposed of all my ancient ski gear when we moved out of the Vicarage, so I'm rather pleased to have acquired some again. Staying where we are staying means I can go off any time I like, as long as the weather is right.

After picking up Jasmine and Rachel we drove home for supper. Afterward, Rachel went down to the Fairmont Fire Hall for the week's practice session, then came back and picked me up to take me down to the Hoodoo Bar-Restaurant where she was going to take part in a open jam session with some local musicians she's recently met. On the way there we popped into the Fire Hall, so she could show me around and introduce me to her colleagues. It was a very interesting and enlightening half hour, and for me a moment of considerable pride to see my daughter at home among those huge fire fighting trucks.

Earl, one of her fellow fire fighters came down to listen and eat supper, and we chatted in the corner as they made music. It was a great to see her in her element again, and have an opportunity to meet someone of my own generation and talk about life in the area. It sounds to me as if celebrating Christmas hereabouts is going to be fun.

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