Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cloud data near disaster

This morning, I took the car into our local Kwikfit workshop on my way to celebrate the midweek Eucharist in St John's Canton. Father Mark arrived before me to prepare things before slipping away on an errand of his own. It's the first time I've seen him since the Spring, so I was glad to have a few moments to catch up with him.I was relieved that the exhaust adjustment was successful, so the car is altogether pleasant to drive once more.

To my horror, when I got home I had a message from Julie in the office today that the office OneDrive filesystem seemed to be missing six months worth of documents. Oh dear, something I did when tidying up her machine yesterday had evidently unintended consequences. An office visit and a joint investigation thankfully provided us with a way to roll back the filesystem to its state when she last worked on it, although it took us ages to find this. The trouble was that the Windows 10 upgrade from a machine running Windows 7 had left us with multiple OneDrive icons (deep down one or other had been originally a SkyDrive icon, before the name was changed). 

I had been suspicious that older machines with this kind of history weren't syncing properly, as I'd seen this at home. I deleted what I thought was a short cut, when it was File Explorer's main route of access to the on-line files. The other OneDrive icon was a shortcut to a copy of the file system (where it lives, I know not where) six months old. Windows 10 is meant to give you a hard drive filesystem copy of data in the Cloud, to sync for off-line use. If you access OneDrive files from any machine, as you might from a Network hard drive in the office, using a web browser and be sure to save to this location, there's no problem. But, when different machines are in use, and saving stuff off line on the machine to sync with the Cloud later, this seems create version control problems, with the risk that some stuff will get lost. Glad we haven't stopped backing up filesystem to a physical hard drive close to home. After that little incident, OneDrive now has to re-earn my trust

The news from Papworth is that Eddie is holding his own, recovering very slowly from surgery, still heavily sedated if not unconscious, and ventilated. A visit to the hospital is planned for tomorrow.

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