Friday, 16 October 2015

Lost, unsynced by Windows 10

I can't believe that we could have so much hassle as a consequence of the upgrade of the main office admin computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. We realised last week that the file system wasn't syncing as it was supposed to, and that we seemed to have more than once copy of it on the machine. It took us a while to discover that the OneDrive location where Julie had been saving files since April existed only on her machine, and was not syncing to the web, possibly because it had been set up in a file location that suited us, rather than Microsoft. 

Until April, under Windows 7 it was syncing fine, then stopped without warning. Upgrade produced on this computer another edition of the file system held in the Cloud, up to date until April, with a few additions made by me, directly to the web from other machines, but with none of Julie's work, several hundred files - all there in the filesystem of her choice location but unsynchronised. It's easy enough now she knows for her to save material direct to the web version, but finding and uploading six months of files is no easy matter.

After I'd taken a copy of the file system containing the past six months of work, it was a matter of working out which of several dozen file folders needs updating and doing it manually. Not an easy task. Often resorted to file folders are identifiable quickly, but the myriad of lesser used ones are far more of a problem. We spent several hours together doing this, and I completed as much as I could find at home in the evening before disaster struck. My six year old Linux driven Dell XPS laptop, one of the first purchased by CBS, and redundant for several years, despite being useable and useful, died on me in mid-operation, almost certainly from a motherboard failure. Probably it's beyond economical repair. I was able to complete most of what I'd set out to do on another machine, but now I'm faced with retrieving confidential data from a machine I've never needed to take apart before.

At least there's good news from Ipswich hospital. Eddie's chest infection is responding to treatment, and his rehabilitation course continues.

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