Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Patio progress

I celebrated  Mass at St German's this morning with a Tredegarville School class in attendance. Then I visited the school's Early Years section kindergarten and reception classes, to be introduced to the children as a local priest, and provide an opportunity to ask questions about what a priest does. They are really a bit too young to be that curious about one of those unfamiliar people that drop into their classes to be introduced from time to time, but it's lovely to see them with their teachers in their own classroom. I was particularly impressed by the lovely way the teachers and children related to a child in the class who needed extra attention for some reason.

When I arrived home for lunch much progress had already been made in slab laying. All were laid and the boundaries of lawn and flower beds re-fashioned, in about six hours of work. Tomorrow the job will be finished with grouting between the slabs and re-placing the shed. After that, we wouldn't mind a few rain showers, as all the garden foliage is covered with a layer of white dust thrown out by the disc cutting machine used. Already it looks neat, and Clare is thinking about new garden furniture to complete the makeover.

Last week, Clare received a couple of kilos of green cherry tomatoes, being given away free to a good home by the Riverside Market Garden. She transformed them into eight jars of a tasty chutney, then asked if I could take a picture to illustrate the outcome for the market garden website. I did this on Saturday last, and today this was published on-line.

We learned this evening that Eddie is being to be moved from Papworth to Ipswich ICU, much closer to home and a lot easier for Ann to visit him, as it's only a tenthnof the distance she's been travelling this week. Progress sustained, so far, so good.

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