Thursday, 15 October 2015

Garden job done

I went into the office this morning to attend the monthly RadioNet Users Group for the first time in many moons, as I've been away so much. I went in by car, so I could drive Ashley to Chepstow to visit our radio equipment supplier in the afternoon, both to collect kit held on our behalf, and discuss equipment and resources needed for the next phase in our development plan. 

When I got home the garden patio work had been completed, the bill had been paid and the builders had departed, leaving me to move plants and other stuff back into our garden from next door, for Clare to rearrange. We're both pleased with the result.
The bench in the photo is falling apart, but will stay until we get an opportunity to shop around for new garden furniture. We were relieved to learn that Eddie had survived the return journey to Ipswich from Papworth Hospital, although suffering from a chest infection and very vulnerable. Was it right to have moved him? Or was it one too many risks? We can but watch and pray.

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