Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Catching up on the front line

Eucharist at St Germans again this morning with a class of children from Tredegarville School, then home for lunch followed by a visit from Chris and Rufus, two of my St Mike's students, now running their own Parishes, but this week back at College for an in-service training programme. In the past few months I've ministered in both their parishes, so it was great to sit down with them and chat over coffee during their afternoon break. 

Both are at the forefront of implementing changes that will bring together parishes and church congregations for the sharing of resources and ministers. It's fortunate that, as pastors, both have decades of professional experience in team work and leadership behind them to draw upon, and a delight to hear from them about emerging fresh initiatives from laity  in response to the challenges of renewal for mission.

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