Thursday, 26 November 2015

Knowing and being known

Another midweek Eucharist to celebrate this morning at St John's Canton for a dozen people. Nice that it's near enough to walk there. After an early lunch, I spent another afternoon in the CBS office, trying to arrange and publicise another Counter Terrorism briefing for retailers next week, as there may be more who'd benefit from attending but were unable to attend last week. There was also work to be done on preparing a briefing for a client with several users about the status of accounts prior to a change in payment means. Each change in management, or premises location or payment policy on their part means additional work for us in tracking our sole income stream. 

IN addition the security of our radio network depends upon radios being fully useable by trained personnel in the specific location for which each handset is registered. With over 200 users out there, it's a never ending task. The ancient pastoral duty of 'knowing and being known' in any place is so much more complex in the busy heart of a city's business quarter, and in the era of electronic information. But it's still only as good as the efforts made by those whose calling in life is watching out for others.

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