Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Job satisfaction

Clare went off to Kirton by train Monday morning, to spend a week with Ann, leaving me to fend for myself. It's a break from routine which means having the house to myself, shopping for and cooking food that's more to my taste than hers, though not today. After a routine GP visit, I drove to London to see my sister June, and sort out a problem she was having with her new computer. It was a simple matter that couldn't be dealt with over the phone. I needed to see the machine and work out what was going wrong. 

The machine was in fine fettle. The problem was that she'd mis-identified the power button, as it wasn't where she expected it to be, and it was almost hidden, being black on a black background. My fault, not going over there matters with her thoroughly enough. Anyway, she cooked me lunch, and I drove home in the evening. Fortunately traffic wasn't heavy and driving conditions were good, so I made good time, and learned another lesson about instructing people in computer usage.

Today, I had to be in the CBS office early as I was looking after the interview process for the BCRP Board's Business Crime Reduction Manager job, simply a matter of providing refreshments, meeting the candidates and escorting them to the right place. By lunchtime the decision had been taken, and the task of informing the successful and unsuccessful candidates was felt to me. Best news of all is that the new person can start right at the beginning of January. For us in CBS, this is a landmark moment in a long drawn out journey to deliver what was first promised seven years ago, before our present business was properly set up. 

At the end of the afternoon, I was glad to get away in good time to go to a re-invigorating Chi Gung class, and then finish the day cooking one of my favourite chorizo cazuela dishes.

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