Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Redvelopment work gathers pace

This morning I had the pleasure of a visit to St Saviour's Splott for their weekday Eucharist, against the backdrop of people arriving and food deliveries being made for the weekly Foodbank distribution. It's always a heartening experience. Getting through the city centre by car was nerve wracking as the congestion starts when you're trying to get out of a side street in Canton on to the main road, and then continues until you get to Newport Road. It's busy each day in the run up to Christmas, but things are made worse by the re-routing of buses on the West side, since the central square bus station has been closed for redevelopment. We can expect more of the same for the next two years. 

Meanwhile the first excavating machines have moved into the cordoned off area in front of Cardiff Central railway station, and are digging out the concrete surfaces of the area which isn't still being used as a stock yard for building material supplies for the adjacent ten storey construction site. Most of its windows are now installed and internal construction work is under way. All is undoubtedly well choreographed, to everyone's benefit. Except public transport users, who must suffer a little, though it could be far worse than it is. 

Sister June rang up to say her new laptop isn't working. The battery appears to have drained, either because of a charger or a plug socket fault. She was very upset, and there's nothing I can do until next week, as I have no clear days until then.

I went into the office in the afternoon for a couple of hours with the aim of dong yesterday's Board meeting minutes, but they had to take second place, with other things to be done first, anyway I couldn't spend long there, as I had to go home in time to get supper prepared then walk to St Mary's Hall for another most refreshing Chi Gung class. Clare arrived home from choir just ahead of me. We ate a late supper together and talked about the family, before checking to see who's on-line to chat with, as we often do on these dark autumnal evenings.

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