Monday, 18 January 2016

Board milestone

A late afternoon start at the CBS office, preparing for the early evening Business Crime Reduction Partnership board meeting. For the first time, Ian, our new business crime reduction manager and representatives of South Wales Police and Cardiff Council attended. Once more I took the minutes, and for once changed my habit of scribbling down a few notes to refer to later, and prepared a framework for the minutes document on the early MS Surface that's been hanging around the office for some time. As it's not so big, I thought I'd try and use it to take notes unobtrusively during the meeting. I found I was able to record enough to make it easy to flesh out when I got home, and had a first draft ready for vetting before bed.

During the meeting, I was asked to email the agreed Police information sharing agreement with a few slight corrections, for one final scrutiny before formal signing, and the Surface was also able to do this before leaving the table after the meeting. I was pleased at the neatness and economy of this. The early Surface keyboard has been widely pronounced a disaster, but once I'd suppressed the 'tactile' sound feedback I found it was usable slowly, but it would be horrible for lengthy use. It took an age to complete three dozen updates later in the evening, and as long as you can manage with the software provided, it's a decent standby machine to keep in the office, and use when all others are in use. 

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