Thursday, 21 January 2016

St John's reprise

I went to the CBS office this morning for the month's RadioNet User group meeting, which was Ian's introduction to the 'guys on the ground' in retail security. Three members of the city centre neighbourhood policing team attended as well. Having a full time worker in our organisation promises to be really beneficial as time goes on.

At lunchtime I met with a St German's congregation member for a bowl of soup and a chat at St John's tea room. It's now re-branded as 'The TeaSpot', with new furniture and decor to brighten the place up. I was a little amused to sit looking at a wall decked with old photos, and see myself there with Archbishop Barry, taken after a civic service 6-7 years ago. I don't go into St John's very often these days, and didn't see anybody around that I remember from my days there as Vicar. Time passes, faces change too, but there are many faces that are still vivid, attached to treasured happy memories.

Then, I returned to the office for a couple of hours to deal with a batch of crime reports which arrived in the wake this morning's meeting. Once the job was done, I header home for supper and a quiet evening with Clare watching the latest episode of 'Silent Witness'. The themes in the new series are bang up to date with current affairs, and sometimes offer telling insights into background lives of some of the characters involved.

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