Friday, 8 January 2016

SIM song

Friday, I spent the afternoon in the CBS office, continuing the on going briefing with new co-worker Ian before he went out to tour parts of the night time economy with Ashley. Ian's new office phone arrived, and needed to be set up with one of our BT account SIM cards. While the latest model is impressive in its design and build, it took a nerve wracking half hour for Ashley to extract safely the nano SIM card tray for insertion, fortunately before Ian arrived for it to be issued to him.

It's been one of those phone nightmare weeks. A few days ago Ashley took charge of his new Samsung Galaxy 6. Its built-in SIM tray came out easily enough, but as he was inserting it with the nano SIM card aboard the SIM slipped from the tray (it didn't 'click' in) fell into the destined slot, and couldn't be straightforwardly extracted. It took him two hours to retrieve it, and insert it properly before he could carry on configuring it for use.

I wonder how often this may happen to others? New SIMs of nano size specification are manufactured attached to a tray mounting that allows them to be mounted in an older phone with a larger housing, as well a a new one. They can be 'popped' out of the larger housing, but they can be 'popped' back in as well. Can we expect a common fixation standard for this from all manufacturers eventually?

When I arrived home Owain, had just got in from Bristol, and we enjoyed a couple of hours catch up with him, after his Berlin trip. He showed me the photos he'd taken and posted on his Instagram account. One was of the river Spree, covered with sheet ice. The temperature was minus ten while he was there. This prompted me to sign up for an Instagram account of my own.

I only use my phone for taking pictures when I forget to slip a camera into my pocket when leaving home. As Instagram can display a caption with each image and links easily with Facebook, it occurred to me that I could indulge in a little photo blogging when I'm out and about. I often see things which I'd like to share a comment about, but don't make the effort to take and process a picture. So, let's see if it is something I can make use of in relation to other tales I tell on-line.

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