Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday lunch in Church

There were just twenty of us celebrating the Eucharist at St John's this morning. Seasonal regulars and visitors diminish in number, now the weather turns more autumnal. After the service there was a pot luck lunch in the church's north aisle social area, and another opportunity to sit and chat with congregation members. The north aisle has a neatly arranged kitchen and servery, an array of library shelves where a vast number of second hand books are available for exchanging., and a long adaptable space for tables and chairs. It's a great use of space that will no longer be occupied by the overflowing congregations of Britons who frequented the Montreux Riviera in former times.

Later Clare and I walked along the lake as far as Villeneuve, rather than to Chillon where she has enjoyed swimming off the small beach by the Chateau. Having to pack for her return journey meant that she needed to keep her swimming costume dry, we we walked for longer instead.

In the evening we listened to a BBC proms concert featuring Schoenberg's 'Gurrelieder' a song cycle with opulent orchestral backing in the late Romantic style on the Tristan and Isolde theme. This was something of a surprise, as I was only aware of his later innovative work using the 12 tone scale. It reminded me of Wagner's extravagant use of all kinds of instrument in his major works.

We go to Geneva tomorrow, to see friends. I'll come back for the Wednesday morning service and Clare stays until she flies home on Thursday. Church House will feel vast and empty in her absence.

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