Saturday, 31 May 2014

A flute for Rhiannon

After breakfast and a final stroll around the garden at Plas Baladeulyn yesterday, we drove back to Cardiff yesterday in decent weather on roads a lot quieter than I'd expected for the second weekend of half term holiday. We stopped in Brecon to do our weekend food shopping, and had lunch in a small cafe-cum-delicatessen in the town's covered market. In the evening, there was a Sunday sermon to prepare and some catch up TV to watch.

Kath, Anto and Rhiannon arrived mid-afternoon today. Anto went straight off to Clwb Ifor Bach to prepare for the fourth Third Uncles' reunion gig. Clare and I met Kath and Rhiannon in town, so that we could visit Gamlin's music shop to buy a flute for Rhiannon. Her playing and enthusiasm for the flute has developed in this past year, as she has grown physically to the point where it's now much easier for her hands to cover the flute keys. She's been playing her mum's instrument until now, and will soon be taking her Grade Two exam, so it seemed like the right time for this. We looked at several second hand flutes, and were were taken down to a quiet corner of the shop's basement for Rhiannon to try them out. She fell for the first one she tried, with a warm rounded tone, and left the shop all bright eyed and smiling.

Owain came around for supper and went with Kath to the gig afterwards. Rhiannon stayed at home with us, and watched a video with Clare before going to bed. 'Wallander' was half way through by the time she went up, but I was able to watch it from the start using a new iPlayer streaming feature before it ended in real time. Krister Hendricksson's portrayal of the ageing detective losing his memory is remarkable.

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