Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Slow recovery

Disappointingly, last week's course of antibiotics seems to have had only limited impact, reducing but not eliminating nasal congestion and chronic bronchial catarrh I've been enduring for months. Maybe hay fever is partly to blame. Anyway, rather than wait until Friday for a return visit to the doctor, I dropped a letter into the GP surgery on my way to the office, yesterday, asking for a repeat prescription. To my surprise, I had a call from the practise receptionist on my mobile, as I sat snuffling at my desk, and the offer of an appointment this morning. 

After another check up I was issued another prescription, and was able to collect and resume medication straight away. At the moment the weather is fairly warm, and I'd like to be spending more time outdoors, enjoying Spring. With a diminished sense of smell, and the arbitrary rise and fall of swelling in sinuses reacting to variations in air current and pollen count, I'm reluctant to go far, or do much. So I stay indoors, and occasionally take a few photos of bird table visitors, in the hope of improving quality and content of pictures using a telephoto lens.

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