Sunday, 11 May 2014

Birdy weekend

A quiet solitary weekend spent mostly at home apart from shopping for food. Finally, I observed several small birds at our RSPB garden bird feeder, sparrows, but also a couple blackcaps, somewhat shier, and less frequent visitors to the feeder than the sparrows. The blackcaps seem to be setting up home in the roughly pruned leylandia hedge in the garden opposite ours on Llanfair Road. I watched them doing a mating dance, and arriving with feather for the nest. I wish I'd  videoed them. Here's one ,  snapped with my Sony HX50 at 40 feet waiting for a turn at the bird feeder.
I attended the Parish Eucharist at St Luke's. Instead of a sermon we watched a video about a family resettling in Southern Sudan. Christian Aid week is with us once again. In the afternoon I walked down to the Taff in a bracingly fresh strong breeze and took some photographs with my Sony Alpha 55, trying to capture the sense of movement in the trees. I also got a few nice shots of a grounded crow, or is it a rook?
Owain dropped by to say hello in the evening, and introduced me to the TV comedy show Silicon Valley, a savagely satirical take on life in hi-tec business start-up in California. It's brilliantly funny and I was so taken with it that I watched another three of the episodes available after Owain left.

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