Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tooth upgrade and guts ache

Yesterday morning, I had the first of a pair of dental appointments to fit a crown to a back molar, which had to be postponed before Christmas, when the dentist went down with 'flu. I was in the chair for over half and hour, and afterwards I walked back home from Llandaff North in the sunshine along the Taff Trail, to shake off the stress.  There's a wait of three weeks until the permanent replacement crown can be fitted. By the evening the temporary crown had parted company with the tooth. I'd been warned it might happen. It fits neatly enough to serve as protection for the filled tooth beneath, but I have to be careful about eating on that side, or end up losing it.

This morning I joined half a dozen others and Fr Mark for the St Matthias Day Eucharist at St Luke's. It was good to touch base with him as he prepares to fill the gaps in the regular duty rota after Fr Martin departs for his new parish next month, before Fr Phelim takes his place in September. I look forward to helping him out as often as I can over the summer.

After lunch I went to the quarterly meeting of the Wales Against Business Crime group. This time it was in Cardiff as it was the turn of CBS to host it. During the meeting, I developed an excruciating stomach pain and had to leave, as I couldn't concentrate on proceedings. After half an hour it faded away as quickly as it arrived. I realised that I was paying the price for snacking on chocolate biscuits and water instead of eating a proper lunch. Normally I wouldn't have such trouble, but my present antibiotic regime kills off some of the bugs in the stomach which regulate acidity. Serves me right.

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