Thursday, 15 December 2016

Advent giving way to Christmas

Father Mark our Vicar asked me if I'd stand in for him at this morning's 10.30am Eucharist at St John's, which I was happy to do, and to stop for a chat and a cuppa after the service. Best of all, I was able to buy some jars of home made marmalade, from the church's permanent fund raising stall, as our stocks ran out months ago. Our local greengrocer says he expects his annual import of bitter organic oranges from a supplier near Seville, to arrive just after Christmas. Last year, we were late buying, so stocks were nearly finished, hence we were unable to make a year's supply in one go.

It was too dreary and wet to venture out for an afternoon walk, so I made an effort to make a digital card to accompany the annual newsletter, which will go out by email to another fifty people in addition to the cards posted yesterday. I found an icon of the Nativity I liked, and some words from an Orthodox hymn that matched it.

After an early supper we drove out to Russell and Jacquie's house in Dinas Powis for their annual Christmas soiree of readings, and carols around a candle-lit tree, reflecting on the meaning of the incornation. It was a gathering mainly of well behaved careful adults, so with the usual precautions, the tree posed a minimal health and safety risk to participants. The main risk was from over indulging in delicious treats provided afterwards. About twenty people came, most of them associated with Cardiff Steiner school in various ways, many of them old friends. It was an enjoyable evening, rather more thoughtful than the average Christmas party, I'm glad to say.

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