Thursday, 29 December 2016

Family on the move

Today it was Kath, Anto and Rhiannon's turn to head south and in their case, to Seville for a four day New Year weekend break. It was our turn to head back to Wales. Slowly, we all packed and the house was made fit to return to. Packing didn't take me long, so I spent an hour or so preparing a sermon for Sunday. After a left-overs lunch, we squeezed the luggage and five of us into the Golf and drove to Birmingham Airport to drop them off for their late afternoon Monarch flight to Malaga. We drove around the M42 and down the M5 and into the sunset along the M50. We were home by half past five, aware that by then they'd  boarded and flown over us on the first stage of their flight.

Clare made a curry for supper, with chick peas for her and a portion of goose meat for me, which made a pleasant change. By the time we'd listened to the Archers, they'd landed. We watched Charlie Brooker's coarse political satirisation of the major British 2016 events together. His lack of optimism about anything makes me feel distinctly un-optimistic about the future of British comedy.'New Tricks' was about a murder in an old people's home, and that was much funnier, albeit in a different way.

As I was about the shut down for the night I was delighted to see some photos posted on Instagram by Kath, showing them enjoying the night air in Malaga's Calle Molina Lario, the old town's prestige brand shopping street, spectacularly decorated with festive illuminations, featuring a 200m long arcade of white light arches, decorated with moons and stars in different colours. It made me wish I was there with them. It's a mild 12C there tonight. They're off to Seville on the slower train tomorrow. Extra time on board to enjoy the changing winter landscape of Andalusia.

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